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The story

But Humble Sinners is about two foul-mouthed nuns who scam a cowboy for a coffin. The film is 10 minutes of escalating absurdity. With fast, witty dialogue, this is a Lucy and Ethel style heist in habits. It's more than humor and irreverence—it's an expression of female friendship and ambition.

This film feels like Fleabag and Broad City met Portlandia for a threesome at Wes Anderson’s house. It takes place in its own weird world.

But Humble Sinners will be out in the world later this year. 

Women in film

Since 2017, only 25% of the directors at film festivals have been women. The next generation of women and non-binary filmmakers are not being launched into the industry at the same rate as men, perpetuating the disparity in women’s stories on screen. That's why films like this are important. 

But Humble Sinners was written and directed by a woman with a crew of more than 65% women: the producer, AD, 2nd AC, set designer, grip, sound, casting, wardrobe and more. This film provided many firsts for women, creating a safe space to try something new.